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Adrienne Nelson

New clips and reel coming soon! 

Audio Demo 

Adrienne NelsonCommerical Demo
Audio Demo

Thespian Series

Adrienne appears as 90s scream queen, Vera Mills, in the Demon Mansion subplot of the Amazon Prime Web Series Thespian.  

Go to 2:20 to see Adrienne as Vera Mills

Listen to Adrienne's interview on the Married With Web Series Podcast with Marc and Maria Unger  

Click here to listen via YouTube

Adrienne appeared in: 

Season 2, Ep 3 Is that you, Maury? (2020)
Season 2, Ep 4 Cool to Hot (2020)
Season 2, Ep 6 A Waiting Game (2020)


Adrienne stars in National Volvo Commercial, directed by Matt Deskiewicz.


Enjoy a newly dropped promo video from the "Swampoodle" Archives featuring Adrienne, Chris Dinolfo and Jason McCool, -


Solas Nua/Dublin's Performance Corporation Co Pro. 

Directed by Jo Mangan at the Uline

House of Cards

Celtic Cross

Directed by Jack Gorman

Featuring Jack Theobald as Ethan and Adrienne as Julia

** Best Shorts Competition 2020 - WINNER - Award of Excellence Special Mention for Ensemble Cast and Film Short

** Independent Shorts Awards 2020 - WINNER - Honorable Mention for Best Dark Comedy Short and Best Acting Ensemble

** IndieX Film Festival 2020 - WINNER - Honorable Mention for Best Makeup and Hairstyling

House of Cards

Interview with Lars Mikkelsen and Adrienne on Danish TV


Adrienne Co-Starred as Russian Woman on Season 3, Episode 3 which premiered February 27, 2015.  

Additionally, Adrienne served as Russian dialect coach for Lars Mikkelsen/ VIKTOR PETROV and provided accent adjustment for Alexander Sokovikov /ALEXI MORYAKOV.

Kennedy Kennedy

Killing Kennedy

Killing Kennedy Promo

Adrienne appeared as Nell Connally in this National Geographic World Premiere which first aired 
November 10, 2013

John's Hopkins

John's Hopkins University

What Does it Take to Rise? 

Adrienne narrates for Johns Hopkins University

What Does it Take to RiseAdrienne Nelson

Knowledge for the World Campaign

Adrienne narrates this video for Johns Hopkins University



Solas Nua / Performance Corp  Promotional videos 

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